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More Details Issue #3

Preparing For Ascension and Migration

Peace and love to all of you beautiful souls out there. I AM so happy to be back with some more information on our future as a soul, people and species. As always, I AM In joy and grateful for all your loving comments and shares.

Today we are going to learn more details about life on and inside other planets, how to prepare for contact with ET’s and ascended beings, how to prepare for ascension.

Stay Focused

Right now is the time to stop being distracted. It’s time to be happy and remember who you are. With the event at our door steps and the amount of information and help the positive ET’s are giving us. We don’t have anything to worry about. Above all right now is the time for spirit connection. We need to connect…

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So inspirational, well said, honest and moving. Please, do read and then do…Change.

These Wings Can Fly

A view from the ground – The journal from Jon

No View From The Ground thoughts for weeks, and then inspiration for 2 blogs came to me in quite quick succession (although, as my assistant – aka Viv – seems somewhat distracted with her incredible shamanic journeys and energy connecting it has taken me a bit of time to publish this. I am left to self publish, so any typos should be considered as organic wordage.

I wrote this the day after the ‘Action Speaks Louder Than Words’ blog. I was so strongly moved writing that blog, and I subsequently spent a lot of time afterwards thinking about the lesser privileged and what we need to do.

Someone recently published a You Tube video on our Facebook group, Connecting The Light Energies – 144,000, called ‘Change For A Dollar’. The strap line was “Is he asking for Change, or is…

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Knowing what we need to know about LOVE – 29.1.15

These Wings Can Fly

INDIAN CHIEFChapter 4 - The Exhilaration of Flying

This was a lovely Shamanic journey for me to do.

Thank you to members of my Facebook Group for their discussion which prompted me to ask this simple yet often intriguing question.

I hope you enjoy the answers I received

Knowing what we need to know about LOVE – 29.1.15

I am standing at the side of a beautiful lagoon watching a waterfall in front of me.  The Big Chief is standing next to me and he is playing a beautiful tune on his flute.

I bow and say, “Namaste.  Thank you for all the answers you lovingly give me.”

I hear, “It is our pleasure Vivienne.  We are here to give to you and it is good to know it is gratefully received.  The first thing we give to you from our heart and from a place of LOVE is our music.  We play the music that we know…

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