тнere ιѕ вeaυтy everywнere

 тнere ιѕ вeaυтy everywнere

It looks like today is going to be a lovely day. Yesterday it was rainrainrain. But I love the rain.  Chill in the air is so refreshing. Back and forth to the Doctor’s office and to Centennial Tower for treatments and testing. Rather draining physically.  Emotionally…It is what it is. I can either sit around and whine like the buffoon about the things I have no control over or revel in all the many blessings I have.

I had hoped to pay it forward to my partner(ex) so that he might have some financial peace and freedom but his ex is such a buffoon I choose to not play their silly little games. And to enrich the lives of people who are deserving of blessings.  He is a good man but has a problem making horrible choices and assuming it can be swept under the rug as he did with the buffoon. I am not her. I am far above her. She is a common bottom feeding sewer rat with absolutely no class at all. A pathetic loser who cries for drama and then cries because she gets it. An idiot who spent 16 years living with a man who was clearly gay and then has him committed (or tried to) when he came out. A fool. The crap marriage. she attests , was of her own making. She was close to 400 lbs her boys said and laughed about maybe she needed to go on Biggest Loser. They know a buffoon when they see one. Ashamed to say that that is their mother. Poor children. Their fate is doomed.

I am travelling to Texas today. My friend of many years flew in and rented a car and has made plans for me to escape the hell that I was living..or not living, really…and just go have fun.


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