In The Beginning…

I don’t know if I agree with a love at first sight.  But, I definitely believe a person can meet someone and feel a strong instant attraction. That through that instant attraction comes an enlightenment in where you just know this person is going to be in your life forever. In one form or another. And will be in a position that may come and go but always reconnecting. The binding of the two souls, hearts, minds and bodies cannot be undone. I call this action a union of Twin Flames. A Twin Flame is different than a soulmate. A Soulmate sees in you what he also sees in himself..believes along the same lines…while a Twin Flame sees in you  untapped potential and will call you out to change things  in your life that are conducive to being a happier person. Unlocking your potential. Sometimes, your Soul Mate  and your Twin Flame can be the same person. It is hard to have a steady, long term relationship with a Twin Flame.  It is the hardest relationship to maintain. It is laced with confrontation and forces one to take a good look at their lives. It is highly passionate in all situations. Sometimes having to make a parting and to reconnect later..but never is it a sign of not loving each other. It is a life long event.


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