It’s been said that if 1 percent of the planet’s population

focuses their intentions on one specific goal…
So what would happen if every single person on earth
focused on manifesting a more abundant, fulfilling and
fearless life for all?
Let’s find out 🙂
Carol, is taking part in a little something called
an ‘Intention Movement’.
Our friend Darius Barazandeh is hosting an online
marathon of training sessions, talks with over 40
of the most respected personal growth leaders on
the planet.
Like Panache Desai, Rikka Zimmerman, Donna Eden,
Kenji Kumara, Christie Marie, Burt Goldman and our
own Carol Tuttle.
The idea is that if this many thought leaders and
participants get together, our collective intent can
manifest a MASSIVE positive synchronicity for
the entire planet.
This ‘Intention Movement’ is called “You Wealth
Revolution.” And this season is said to be the biggest yet!
250,000+ People have ALREADY attended his online
talks and here are the TOP 6 Things they REPORTED:
1) Reconnection to LOVE once thought to be lost
2) Feeling MORE ALIVE, engaged and connected with life
3) A WINDFALL of new profits from new opportunities
4) More CLARITY, purpose, and direction in life
5) INSTANT & RAPID synchronicities with people you’ve
never met
6) Rediscover childhood gifts (and PSYCHIC abilities)
IMAGINE how any one of these realizations might
Carol’s talk will take place on Tuesday,
October 21st
at 1pm PT/4pm ET.
You’ll get clearing sessions, live release practices,
meditations, visualization exercises, energetic tools
and other transformational experiences.
Joining this movement could be a major turning point
in your life.
Registering takes about 3 seconds and is 100 percent
free – no caveats.
Imagine what can happen when some of the world’s top
manifesting experts form an intention circle, and help
each other manifest incredible things….
Hope to see you there 🙂
Hannah Zambrano
Customer Happiness Manager
P.S. The more people who take part, the bigger the
intention circle gets, and the more amazingly ‘weird’
results we’ll get!


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