ṙḀṆḊṏṁ ṙḀṁḃḶḭṆḠṠ

My last thoughts will be of LOVE.

My last thoughts will be of LOVE.


It’s difficult to think of resolutions to make when you know what your destiny is before it comes. So I will tell myself that miracles do happen and maybe I can have one..But…I am not at all sad about leaving this world. It is such an ugly place with evil people who do harm to others. Especially the one’s who have no voice. I am too sensitive to all this evil being done. Almost to an unbearable level for me. It drains my energy quickly now and I cry ever so easily and far too often.

 I have heavy things on my mind and have to make atonement for my own wrongs to the people I have hurt. I have to.

I will consider my words carefully before uttering them aloud.

I will think more about whoever is in my life and examine and become aware of what they feel before I react or act out.

I will meditate more.

I will devote my time, when I am well enough to, only to people who have a serious need to receive benefit from my time and resources. And to be more aware that some people are evil and will take advantage of you if they see they can.

I will love everyone. Even if they choose to hurt me. I will still love them. It is not because I don’t deserve love from them..it is because they don’t understand what love truly means. I know.

I have to decide what the best way and most important areas that I can use my resources that will have the longest and most powerful impact in the long run..I am a kattdaddy…cats are my heart. I have a strong empath where any cat is concerned…and views…don’t ask…it would take all day for me to say. I love them and wish I could save them all. They are the most innocent victims of mankinds cruelty. Society has failed them every step of the way.

Children..I love them. I feel the same feelings of empath as I do with cats. They cannot speak for themselves against those more powerful. Child abuse strikes me right in the heart. It happens. It hurts me. I don’t like to think about it. I just don’t know. How do people commit such cruel and evil acts and society turns a blind eye to it?  I have to pray and believe in my heart that at the moment when a child or little animal is destined to die at the hands of a person so evil as to kill them..at that moment…they are rendered from pain and fear and not allowed to pass this life with that as their last images of humanity…I have been in a couple bad car wrecks..and both times I was aware of the event happening before impact but not remembering the point of impact or immediately after. I hope their last moments are like that.

I had plans of getting the catio ready and thought i had someone I trusted to help carry on that project for me in Nashville..well..Gallatin, actually. But..as it turns out, he chose not to be able to perform those tasks. An animal refuge..a no-kill, non profit facility where all unwanted, sick, lonely, hungry, abused, aged animals could go to live out their lives with dignity and never in fear. I havn’t yet given up hope for finding someone to step in and complete this when I can no longer do so….but my time is getting shorter with every passing day to find someone I can trust. I hate that it may go undone.

To waste no amount of time on trivial things.

To laugh more..love more.

To be more.


Laughter with Others


When my Mom gets her large package of humorous emails, she

likes me to read them aloud to her. Some of these she has already

sorted through, deciding which ‘belongs on Robin’s blog,’ while

others she has ‘censored’ or marked ‘just plain stupid.’ I read her

all the Thanksgiving funnies, throwing them into my folder to

save for 2015, while I found a few that were for men to make fun

of women and some of women to make fun of men. It made sense

for me to publish them as a whole, saying this thought:

“Can’t we (girls and boys) all just get along?”

This is for the Ladies’ First:


“A man came home from work and found his three children outside,

still in their pajamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and

20 wrappers strewn all around the front yard.

The door of his wife’s car was…

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It has come to that point in the journey where our paths  go in different directions. I wish him the best and will always have his back. I have to go on and wish him the best in all he does. He made specific choices that are vastly different than what I can allow in my life..especially now..

тнere ιѕ вeaυтy everywнere

 тнere ιѕ вeaυтy everywнere

It looks like today is going to be a lovely day. Yesterday it was rainrainrain. But I love the rain.  Chill in the air is so refreshing. Back and forth to the Doctor’s office and to Centennial Tower for treatments and testing. Rather draining physically.  Emotionally…It is what it is. I can either sit around and whine like the buffoon about the things I have no control over or revel in all the many blessings I have.

I had hoped to pay it forward to my partner(ex) so that he might have some financial peace and freedom but his ex is such a buffoon I choose to not play their silly little games. And to enrich the lives of people who are deserving of blessings.  He is a good man but has a problem making horrible choices and assuming it can be swept under the rug as he did with the buffoon. I am not her. I am far above her. She is a common bottom feeding sewer rat with absolutely no class at all. A pathetic loser who cries for drama and then cries because she gets it. An idiot who spent 16 years living with a man who was clearly gay and then has him committed (or tried to) when he came out. A fool. The crap marriage. she attests , was of her own making. She was close to 400 lbs her boys said and laughed about maybe she needed to go on Biggest Loser. They know a buffoon when they see one. Ashamed to say that that is their mother. Poor children. Their fate is doomed.

I am travelling to Texas today. My friend of many years flew in and rented a car and has made plans for me to escape the hell that I was living..or not living, really…and just go have fun.


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